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About Us

The Funky Cushion Store was set up after realising that finding good cushions and cushion covers was a long and boring task that involved having to sift through pages and pages of dull and boring cushions and covers. The kind of cushion that can dumb your mind forever if you look at it for long enough!

We like colour, we like quirky, we like cushions that get people talking and laughing. We’re on this planet once so we should enjoy ourselves, why settle for dull and boring when there’s so much fun and enjoyment in life be had.

Ok we’re only talking about cushions and cushion covers here but it’s the little things in life that bring us joy, so go big, go bold and don’t feel ashamed to have a bright orange cushion with a dog on it, sat upon your once dull and boring, black settee.

Keep it funky x